In our Autumn meet-up we looked at all the ideas we had received for how everyone wants to keep Cardiff fair. Then we voted on our favourite ideas to turn into actions.

Please see the notes here:

Autumn meeting 2015- Monday 19 October- Notes

Welcome and introductions

Everyone was welcomed to the meeting and introduced themselves to the group

Review of the past year

Aileen Burmeister explained what had happened in the last few meetings. At the Spring meeting it was decided to focus on the Fairtrade City status renewal, and at the Summer meeting it was made clear to us from Rachael, Fairtrade Foundation, that they would not immediately take Cardiff’s Fairtrade status away as it is clear that as a group we are growing. Therefore it was decided for this meeting to focus on planning part of next year, details of which could then go into a renewal document.

Ideas for the future

Leading up to the meeting ideas for Fair Trade Cardiff were gathered. These were presented at the meeting and then voted upon. Each person had three votes, Red, Yellow and Green. The votes had equal weighting, but the colours denoted how difficult or time-consuming they felt each idea would be to achieve.


To see all 17 ideas and the votes they received, please see the end of this document. The top five ideas, by number of votes, were:

  • We stock Fairtrade campaign- 5 votes
  • Fairtrade breakfast- 4 votes
  • Fairtrade walks- 3 votes
  • Koolskools fairtrade uniform visit- 3 votes
  • Stop TTIP with Global Justice Now- 3 votes

Next steps

Each of the five main ideas were discussed and next steps proposed. Please see the Fair Trade Cardiff action log for these next steps. Everyone was able to share their ideas and approaches and the group learned from each other and encouraged each other a lot with good work that has taken place within Cardiff.

We stock Fairtrade campaign. This idea is to actively promote retailers and organisations that already stock Fair Trade products through thanking them and offering them a window sticker or maybe a certificate for stocking fair trade products.  It was discussed that the retailers element could be combined with the Fairtrade walks idea, by using the walk as an opportunity to warm-call the retailers.

Fairtrade breakfast. This is the campaign being run by the Fairtrade Foundation UK this coming Fairtrade Fortnight (29 Feb- 13 Mar). There were lots of ideas and suggestions and there could be Fairtrade breakfasts happening across Cardiff. Fair Dos may be inviting a producer from Zaytoun to Cardiff for Fairtrade Fortnight and could maybe do a Palestinian Fairtrade breakfast.

Fairtrade walks. There were three Fair trade walks for Cardiff created a few years ago. These are in Canton, Cardiff and Roath. There was interest to look into creating a fairtrade and peace walk for Llanishen, incorporating the Quiet Garden in Llanishen.

Koolskools fairtrade uniform visit. Cathays high school have recently moved to Fairtrade Cotton uniforms, and the company that produces them, Koolskools, have been in touch. They are interested in coming to Cardiff with Pamela, who makes the school uniforms, to raise awareness to other Cardiff schools about cotton and fairtrade and to see if any of them would like to move to Fairtrade uniforms.

Stop TTIP with Global Justice Now. This is a wide trade deal that is being negotiated between the EU and the US. Global Justice Now are campaigning around this issue. The group wanted to support the campaign, but would first like to have more knowledge around TTIP as it is very complex. Global Justice Now are having an event in Cardiff on Saturday 7 November at 2pm.


AGM– Due to the small numbers the group was facing, and possible closure, there has not been an AGM for a while. However as the group has been growing it was suggested and accepted that an AGM will be held at the next meeting. There are three positions up for election: Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. You may vote if you have attended two meetings in the past year (this will mean if the Winter meeting is your second meeting you will be able to vote). Nominations for positions can be made by emailing fairtradecardiff(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) with the person and position. Nominees will be approached to see if they are willing to accept nomination before the vote in the meeting itself.

Location– The meetings are currently held in the Temple of Peace and Health’s committee room. Other locations across the city have been offered to us. It was decided that for convenience of the city centre and ease of remembering each time, the meetings would continue to be held in the current location.

Email sharing- Members of the group felt that they would like to be able to email other members for planning purposes. Therefore regular members email addresses shall be shared for this purpose.

Length of meetings- Meetings are currently scheduled for one hour with a 15 minute arrival time for drinks. However meetings usually run over time. It was decided to make meetings 1 hour and 30 minutes long from now on.

Fair Dos late night shopping event- It was suggested to the group that it would be useful to catch-up before Christmas in a relaxed atmosphere. Therefore we are going to have a Fair Do’s late night shopping event to attend, have refreshments, buy presents and catch-up. Addendum- since the meeting the date has been confirmed as Tuesday 1 December.

Champion Councillor- The importance of the councils representation was raised at the meeting with the idea of approaching a councillor to become a fair trade champion on the council. Suggestions were discussed. It was decided first to approach the sustainable development department within the council to ask for suggestions.

Next meeting date

The next meeting date has not yet been confirmed but will be at the end of January/early February 2016.

Votes cast

Idea Number of votes Colour share of votes
We stock fair trade campaign 5 G=2, Y=1, R=2
Fairtrade breakfast 4 G=2, Y=1, R=1
Fairtrade walks 3 Y=3
Koolskools visit 3 G=2, R=1
Stop TTIP with GJN 3 R=3
Engage with more faith groups 2 Y=1, R=1
14 events in 14 days FTF 2 Y=2
Fairtrade Ramadan 2 G=1, R=1
St. Davids day parade 1 G=1
Get local cafés to serve ubuntu (fairtrade cola) 1 G=1
Flagship employer 1 R=1
Zaytoun farmer 2 Y=2
Show your Hand campaign 2 Y=2
Fairphone 0
30ft banana split 0
Liberation nuts workshop 0
Pop cycles ice lollies 0

The meeting was: Monday 19 October, 6.45 arrival for a 7pm-8pm meeting at the Temple of Peace, Cardiff.