In 2004 Cardiff achieved Fairtrade city status. Since then Fair Trade Cardiff has been working to promote Fairtrade throughout the city. We’re made up of a team of volunteers, who discuss ideas about ways in which to raise awareness and increase the availability of Fairtrade.

The official bit

Fair Trade Cardiff is an unincorporated constituted association. This means we have a constitution and a committee, who are elected every year at an AGM.

The committee is made up of:

  • Chair
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary

Currently the position of Chair is vacant.

Fair Trade Cardiff is also a Fairtrade City, awarded status by the Fairtrade Foundation. Fairtrade status is re-assessed for renewal every two years, with previously outlined targets needing to be met. We recently renewed in Spring 2017. We meet four times a year.

The current situation

We are a small group that have gradually been growing for the past few years. Through working with businesses, schools, universities, and community groups in Cardiff we raise awareness about Fair Trade, show products that are available and we organise and run events in Fairtrade Fortnight each year. We are still a small group and so are looking for people who are interested in volunteering with us.

Fairtrade City status

Fairtrade City status has to be renewed every few years, and this year we were successful in our renewal application to the Fairtrade Foundation. An action plan along the 5 goals is the main part of this process, and so our main goals are outlined here below:

Goal one: The Council


  • Cardiff Council to be an active member in Fair Trade Cardiff
Planned activities

  1. Council to attend Fair Trade Cardiff meetings,
  2. Council to advertise the work of Fair Trade Cardiff,
  3. Council to continue to stock Fairtrade goods in its outlets,
  4. Council to provide Fair Trade Cardiff with links to other organisations/partnerships,
  5. Get more Cllrs engaging with Fair Trade Cardiff
  6. Fair Trade to be part of the Council’s Global Goal as part of the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act

Goal two: Retailers (shops and cafes)


  • Deepen our relationship with businesses already involved in Fair Trade
  • Each year engage one new business to hold a Fairtrade event (in addition to already involved businesses)
Planned activities

  1. Liaise with Fair Trade Wales and Fair Dos to discuss possible businesses (current Business project ongoing)
  2. Collate information and contact details of businesses already involved in Fair Trade
  3. Formally invite businesses to become part of Fair Trade Cardiff
  4. Choose one new business each year to engage with specifically to hold a Fairtrade event
  5. Work with Food Cardiff to develop a food business network

Goal three: Workplaces and communities


  • Deepen our relationship with communities already involved in Fair Trade
  • Have more communities represented as members of Fair Trade Cardiff
Planned activities

  1. Invite representatives from community and faith networks to feed into Fair Trade Cardiff with what they are already doing for Fairtrade. (Over the past few years there has been a drop in communication)
  2. Ask the Fairtrade Foundation for a list of Cardiff Fairtrade universities, and reforge relationships with them.
  3. Look into the mechanisms for engaging with schools eg. through Cardiff Council or Food Cardiff schools network
  4. Advertise events/meetings

Goal four: Raising awareness


  • Raise awareness of Fairtrade events happening across the City
Planned activities

  1. Create new leaflets/advertising materials to give out at events
  2. New pop up banner/posters for use for events
  3. Advertise for a volunteer to help do more on the website and social media
  4. Raise awareness of events happening across the city for Fair Trade, particularly in Fairtrade Fortnight

Goal five: Steering group


  • Increase number of active organisations and individuals in the group
Planned activities

  1. Activities throughout this renewal application
  2. Four meetings a year
  3. Forge links with nearby groups (towns that are satellites to Cardiff) to share information and events
  4. Keep links with Fair Trade Wales