We are a group of volunteers and organisations who want to raise awareness of fair trade and increase the purchases of Fairtrade and fairly traded products throughout Cardiff.

Cardiff is the first Fairtrade capital city in the world. With over 1500 Fairtrade towns and cities across the world, Cardiffians should be proud of this title. It shows that we’re capable of green, ethical living with fair outcomes for all.

What’s the deal with Fair Trade?

The modern world is based around international trade – that banana in your lunchbox probably wasn’t grown in the allotment up the road – and people everywhere deserve to be treated fairly. Fair trade is a practical example of how trading can be improved, putting the producer and the customer at the forefront. In Cardiff, Wales, and throughout the UK, we have the power to give a fair price for wonderful exports from all over the world. Small changes in our day-to-day living can have a huge positive impact for people who find themselves on the sharp end of an unjust trading system. Essentially, fair trade guarantees a better deal for third world producers by paying fair prices for their goods. These reflect the true cost of production, plus a premium that producers can invest in community development. Fair trade also encourages the long-term sustainable production of goods, by ensuring that production methods reduce the use of harmful chemicals, thus improving the health of producers and the environment.

What is a Fairtrade City?

A Fairtrade town or city is one which meets ‘The Five Goals‘ laid out by the Fairtrade Foundation UK. Fairtrade Cities have to reapply for Fairtrade status every two years. The five goals are:

  • The council supports Fairtrade, and serves Fairtrade products
  • Fairtrade products are available in retail outlets and served in catering outlets
  • Local workplaces and community organisations support Fairtrade and use Fairtrade products
  • Media coverage and events raise awareness and understanding of Fairtrade
  • A local Fairtrade steering group exists

Furthermore, Fair Trade Cardiff also encourages and supports goods that are fairly traded in accordance with the World Fair Trade Organisation (WFTO). Therefore, we also support The British Association to Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS), which is a national member of the WFTO.

What can I do?

Loads. Go to our Get Involved page to find out more about buying, volunteering and more.